Athletes score points for their team by placing in each event (first place receiving the most points, and so on). The depth of
scoring (how many athletes score in each event) varies. Meets with more teams typically have more depth. The most
common depths for scoring are three, six and eight. Respectively, this means that the top three, six or eight athletes will be
given points in each event. In championship meets, relay events are typically scored in this manner. It’s common in dual
meets, though, to only award points to the first-place relay team.

Below is an example of how points would be awarded if the depth of scoring was eight:

  •  First Place: 10 points

  • Second Place: 8 points

  • Third Place: 6 points

  • Fourth Place: 5 points

  • Fifth Place: 4 points

  • Sixth Place: 3 points

  •  Seventh Place: 2 points

  • Eighth Place: 1 point

Typically six-person scoring is 10-8-6-4-2-1. Three-person scoring is most common in dual or tri meets, scored 5-3-1 and
5-0 for relays. Notice that in each case, the scoring benefits those who place higher disproportionately more than those
who place lower.

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