Eat the colors of the rainbow - Try to have a balanced diet of a variety of foods, foods of different colors offer different
nutrients. White is easy to find and eat, but green, blue, purple, red, are healthy options to include. What are the
ingredients? - If you don't know what something is listed on the side of the packaging do you really want to eat it? Simple
unprocessed foods are the best for your digestive system. Can you grow it, hunt it or find it in nature? Is there a soda tree?
Routine, routine, routine - On race day don't eat a food you have never had before. Also, think about when you eat. Your
body will become regular and can help tell your body when it will expect food. Don't skip meals, because you will eat more
the next time. The power of the brain will tell you what you need.

Follow the pyramid - Your body needs, carbohydrates, protein, fat (yes a small amount), etc. It needs very little sugar (avoid
candy). Enjoy food- Eat slowly and savor your meal. You are more likely to eat less because your body will know when it is
full. Learn how to cook and save money to buy better ingredients, and most importantly experiment with new ideas and

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