I would like to officially welcome you to the 2019 - 2020 Martha’s Vineyard cross country and track+field season! In these pages you will find some of the things needed to help you compete at the highest level. Please remember whether it is cross
country, track+field or any other sport, our student athletes are just that: students first, athletes second. While there will be
times when the two conflict, it is my goal to provide you with the skills that are necessary to succeed both on and off the
field. Having said that, high school sports are a big commitment. From the athlete to the parent, everyone needs to realize
that we rely on each other for our success. Whether it is participating in booster events or having a team get together,
being part of a team at this level is a great experience that takes a great deal of time and effort.


See Schedule. Please be on time. Attendance is mandatory. Any missed practice during pre season will be made up or you
will miss the first meet. If you are late you must be at practice 15 minutes earlier for the next morning practice. This would
mean 6:15am for most workouts during pre season.


Once school begins, regular practices will be after school at 2:45pm. Most practices will be over by 5:00pm in order for
the athletes to take the late bus home. Attendance: Three missed practices you are removed from the team. Missing a meet
is the same as missing a practice. Being late for practice is inexcusable. This is disrespectful to your team mates and
coaches. If you are going to be late for academic or medical reasons, you need to bring proper documentation upon arrival.
Other excusable absences are for religious reasons or family emergencies. If you are late, without proper documentation,
then that athlete will stay after practice for 15 min. Tardiness is also an unexcused absence. You are not allowed to practice
or compete if you are tardy. Mindfulness and Yoga assigned by the school, are also unexcused absences.


When traveling off island, athletes are expected to represent our team, our school and our community to the highest
standard possible. Most of our athletes will use the travel time to complete homework assignments or to collaborate with
others on school projects. This is a social time as well and that is a big part of high school sports. We usually sit in one area
of the boat, but that is not a rule. We are expected to leave our area the same way we found it. Our dress code is for the
boys to wear a tie, khaki or similar pants and a dress shirt. Girls will dress appropriately, I prefer them not to wear jeans.
Changing for meets, depends on the length of travel, the facilities available and the start time of the meet. I do encourage
the team to change on the boat so we are ready when we arrive. If time permits, and the site has facilities, we can use time
to change there. Changing on the bus is not allowed. For invitationals and home meets, the dress code is for us to wear our
sweatpants and long sleeves. On occasion, we may decide on a given day to wear a team shirt or dress a certain way to
promote team and school spirit.


Shoes are a big part of what enables us to train and race properly. Use your shoes only for running / training - not for
school. Many injuries originate from having the wrong shoes, old shoes and shoes that do not fit. Please try them on or order
/ purchase two pairs if needed. Also find out your foot profile. Flat feet, high arches and medium arches all require different
shoe styles as do people who pronate or supinate. Do your research, find the right shoe.

Marathon Sports is a great running store located in several towns in and around Boston. They may even analyze your gate
and help select from the results.

You should also get flats. Flats are for racing. You will notice a big difference in the shoe. You should have these by the time
invitational season comes around.

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